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One Day Tours

Join us on a tour and see what you cannot see on ordinary tours. We offer day tours in Hebron and Bethlehem

Home-stay in Palestine

ATG offers an organized home-stay with local Palestinian families. Homes in the Bethlehem area were renovated and furnished as an accommodation facility for tourists and pilgrims

PIRT: Code of Conduct

We are proud to present to you our Code of Conduct for Tourism in the Holy Land which was launched in November 2008 and provides guidelines for a fair and beneficial tourism for all.
Plan Your Trip


Plan Your Trip

ATG offers a variety of pre-planned intineraries.  ATG can also design a custom itinerary to match the needs and interests of your group. All travel details, from accommodation to tour guides to tour busses, can be pre-arranged by ATG.


Below are sample itineraries designed to give you an idea of what your tour might look like. Please remember that these sample itineraries can be tailored to better fit your groups needs and wants. 


Cultural and Historical Tours:  Through these tours we offer an opportunity to learn first hand about Palestinian culture, heritage and history.


Spiritual Pilgrimages: ATG offers an alternative pilgrimage that provides an encounter with both the historical sites and the people who continue to worship at many of these places.


Political Tours: Encounter Palestine in an eye-opening journey that looks at the political situation and its effect on the people who live here. 


Solidarity Programs: Twice a year we hold campaigns that combine volunteerism and learning. Come work with Palestinians while learning about the country.

One-Day Tours: We offer pre-scheduled day tours throughout the year for those who are already in the country and looking for a shorter tour.

Homestays: Whether you are a group or an individual seeking a face-to-face human encounter with the people of Palestine, we are delighted arrange your visit.

Customize your tour: If you don't see exactly what you or your group is looking for, contact us. We love working with people to build a special journey just right for them.


Come & See:  ATG invites you to a journey of truth and transformation that will reveal the love of God to you through the eyes of the Palestinian peopple.





Tree Planting Program 2015

A solidarity program with the Palestinian farmers through planting olive trees in lands that are threatened to be expropriated by the Israeli occupation or the Israeli colonizers. In addition to planting trees, the program features introductory presentations about the current situation in Palestine and the effects of the Apartheid Wall, tours in the old city of Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem and Ramallah, in addition to cultural events and social gatherings.

The Nativity Trail Programme 2013 & 2014

Why make such a trek? "The Nativity Trail is an opportunity to understand the geopolitical situation in the Holy Land by observing it while walking through the valleys and mountains of Palestine. The Nativity Trial is not just a trip; it is a journey of dialogue, openness and interaction with new people.

ATG på Svenska

ATG på Svenska

Life Under Occupation

In a joint effort between ATG and the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI)-- "Life Under Occupation: An introduction to the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories"
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