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Palestinian International Advocacy Conference (2009)

United in Struggle against Israeli Colonialism, Occupation, and Racism

The Occupied Palestine and Golan Heights Advocacy Initiative (OPGAI)

The Palestinian International Advocacy Conference 2009

The Conference is taking place on the 26th and 27th of October 2009 in Bethlehem – Palestine, and gathers Palestinian and international activists, researchers, and people interested in advocacy issues toward ending the Israeli occupation and achieving justice. It aims to review, develop, and document the Palestinian advocacy mechanism locally and internationally, and to determine the impact of such efforts so far, in addition to raising the level of cooperation and coordination among the various related actions and activities.

Day One:

SESSION I: Advocacy concepts and experience

Facilitator: Rifat Kassis, DCI Director


  • Slomosze Mapusa – South African activist
  • Christopher Fergusson - Representative to The UN, Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, World Council of Churches

    SESSION II: Advocacy work spaces

    Facilitator: Michael Warschawski, AIC

  • Naser Alquddwa - PLC
  • Lilia Solano, Human Rights defender, Director of the Justice and Life Project and Professor of Social and Political Sciences at the National University in Bogota, Colombia

SESSION III: Palestinian civil society advocacy strategies

Facilitator: Mohammad Zidan, director of Arab Human Rights Organization, Nazareth


  • Shawan Jabbarin - Al Haq,
  • Jamal Juma’ – Stop the Wall
  • Ameer Makhol– Ittijah

Day Two

SESSION I: Palestinian advocacy challenges and international experiences

Facilitator: Mazin Qumsiyeh, Human Rights Activist, Prof at Bethlehem and Bir Zeit Universities


  • Huwwaida Arraf –International Solidarity Movement
  • Clarissa Balan - Executive Secretary Advocacy and Programs, World Alliance of YMCAs
  • Mike Zagt - ICCO

SESSION II: The expected role of the various Palestinian bodies and entities

Facilitator: Suleiman Fakhredinn, Marsad, Golan Heights


  • Abdallah Abdallah –Fatah Party
  • Bassam Salehi –People Party
  • Khaleda Jarrar –PFLP
  • Mustafa Barghouthi – Moubadara
  • Qais Abdul Karim 'Abu Leila' - Democratic Front 



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